Demos mainly crawls / imports relevant data about registered assemblies from public sources / authorities. Demos does not moderate / filter this data.

Here you can find the current sources Demos crawls / imports. To our knowledge, these are all public / government sources that publish this data (in Germany).

Let us know of any public sources that we have missed, in Germany or elsewhere. The criteria must be:

  • Source is a government website / app / etc.
  • Events are officially recognized / registered with government

If the authorities in your region (or another one of your interest) in Germany are not publishing this information, you can ask them to do so. You can do this directly, by contacting the relevant authorities (usually police / Versammlungsbehörde) or representatives, starting a petition or similar, or you can do requests based on the IFG (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz). Here is how we try to use this way to gather past and future registered demonstrations. Contact us if you want to exchange about this.