Privacy Policy / Datenschutzerklärung – Demos

Last updated: Fourth of November, 2022

This software (“Demos”) is offering of the non-profit source (gemeinnütziger Verein), Demos Berlin e.V. (“the source”, “We”). We take the protection of your personal data very serious and make sure to align with the data protection act. We collect and store any data for the sole purpose to ensure the robust operation of Demos, with the ambition to handle the least amount of data possible. There is no commercial elicitation or processing of your data by the source. Any collected data will not be sold or otherwise monetised by Us under any circumstances. The following will give you an overview of how We ensure data protection and what data is collected to what purpose.

What data do we collect?
How do we collect data?
How will we use the data?
How do we store the data?
Which third party providers do we use?
How do we use cookies?
How to delete your data / contact us?
What data do We collect?

If the user has no account, then We collect no personal data of the user. If the user does have an account, then We collect the minimal amount of data required to ensure the service of Demos. This includes

  • Personal identification information given by the user (username, email address, etc.)
  • Details given by the user when using Demos (e.g. location given when creating a new event; topics given when creating new alerts, etc.)
  • Automatically collected data, of which all is unidentifiable and may include
    • Time and date of usage
    • Activity on Demos

Statutory basis for the storage of data and log files is Article 6 section 1 lit. f DS-GVO.

How do We collect data?

You directly provide most of the data that is collected yourself.

  • We collect data and process data when you
    • Register to use Demos
    • Input data during the use of Demos

Additionally, We use software that automatically collects data during your use of Demos.

  • Automatically collected data is collected through
    • increment counters in combination with time stamps when it was incremented.
      • You can check out our GitLab Project for further details on this and other matters.
How will We use data?

The source collects data in order to

  • Ensure the service of Demos
    • E.g. if a user creates an event, Demos has to store the information given, so that the event can be displayed to other users.
How do We store data?

Generally, We securely store the least amount of data possible. In more detail

  • Images are stored in an unencrypted data base
  • Passwords are hashed with bcrypt
  • All other information is stored as plain text in the data base

All data is stored on virtual servers located in Germany, provided by Hetzner.

Which third party providers do We use?
  • To ensure the functionality of Demos, we use the service of three third party providers.
    • Demos uses maps to visualise data. The map material is provided by the Open Street Map Foundation. Therefor, the user’s device connects to the service (Open Street Maps) of Open Street Maps Foundation. Refer to their Privacy Policies for further information.
    • Demos may send notifications to users, based on their settings. Demos sends notifications to all registered users, at least during the registration process.
      • Demos may send push notifications to users. For that purpose Demos needs to use the services of Google / Android and Apple / iOS, for them to process push notifications on the user’s phone. Refer to their Privacy Policies for further information.
      • For registered users only, Demos sends emails to users during the register process and may send email notifications during further use. Currently Demos uses Google for its mailing service, for them to process the email. No email you receive will contain more information than your email address and username given. Refer to their Privacy Policies for further information.
How do We use cookies?

We do not use cookies. Demos uses the browsers local storage, to save the user’s state.

How to delete your data / contact us?
  • You can contact us at, see Contact
  • Most of your personal preferences / settings / data is local on your device. You can delete / clear this data if you clear the cache of the browser you are using for Demos or, if you are using Demos as an App, you can delete and reinstall Demos for the same effect.
  • You can always delete your personal data / account on Demos, following the process on the website / App.
  • Data related to sources on Demos can not be deleted. Any source you created on Demos, as well as its activities are archived on Demos. However, any connection of you to said source or its activities can be completely deleted, as explained in this section."