We take the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data we display immensely serious and continuously work on improving it. However, we are a small team with limited resources. Thus, we want to bring some awareness to potential incorrect or missing data.

Location of Events

  • As described under Sources, Demos crawls all Events from public / government sources.
  • At times, Demos does not manage to get an accurate location out of the address string given, e.g. "Treffen auf dem Parkplatz gegenüber Landratsamt". In those cases, the location marker is either close, off or at a default place in the given city.
  • For marches or other events that have routes, Demos currently only considers the first location for the marker and alerts.
  • The raw location string that is imported is always displayed in the Event Details and is the correct address.
  • Please always check / confirm the location of the marker with the location given in the Event Details.

Duplicate or missing Events

  • There can be several changes to the details of a demonstration until it happens. Demos crawls all its sources once every hour and usually detects and adjusts any changes to already imported events.
  • At times, Demos does not manage to match existing events and may import two different looking events that are actually the same.
  • At times, the sources Demos crawls from may adjust their format. This can result in the Demos crawlers momentarily importing no or incomplete data.


  • As described above, some data can be incorrect.
  • Topics for an event are currently selected by the people working on Demos. They can do errors or simply miss something.
  • Demos' data is only representative for the locations it crawls from and only from the time it started crawling them. Currently you can not filter / differentiate by location.